Hotel São Bento


Elegant rooms designed to enjoy your stay with all the comfort you are looking for. It also has a breathtaking view of the mountains of Gerês and Caniçada reservoir.

Doube/Twin Room
Doube/Twin Room

Elegant room, designed to enjoy your stay with all the comfort you are looking for.

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Deluxe Room
Deluxe Room

This room elevates the concept of comfort, together with a careful and restful decoration.

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Whirlpool Double Room
Whirlpool Double Room

Appealing room for the comfort it offers and for its individual balcony with stunning views.

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    It is with great satisfaction that in my own name and in my team, we give you Welcome to Hotel São Bento.
    It’s our mission to make you feel at home in our home! At so, we work daily so that your expectations and needs can be satisfied with the utmost professionalism and smiles possible.
    • The Hotel São Bento has a young and dynamic team that every day strives to receive the guests in the best possible way, so that each stay can be a memorable one.
    Hoping for that, thank you very much for choosing us.

José Arriscado, Diretor do Hotel 



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